Gjessinggaard is a listed Baroque Manor from 1747. The Manor house offers a selection of events such as exclusive dinners and banquets in the Tapestry ballroom for parties between 25 and 80 persons.
Hunting and shoots can be leased and in conjunction with this, dinners and accommodation can be arranged at the Manor House.
Ladies lunches or evening buffets can be made in connection with a guided visit through the Manor's salons and rooms as well as the gardens.


The house has recently undergone extensive renovations, from the restoring of the 250 year old windows to the relaying of gold on the panelled doors and walls as well as modern changes in electricity, heating and decorating.

The variety of events offered go towards the restoration of the house. The idea is that the house pays for its restorations, which still include the ballroom and its stucco ceiling, reguilding of mirrors, extra guest accommodation and bathrooms, as well as a few remaining windows still to be restored out of the total 76 windows.

The Manor